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“Why should I study with AOC?”

Affordable courses fees, self paced learning, no textbooks, no exams & the course may be tax deductible if you are already working in the same field as the course topic. Our courses are in English & we take international students from every country.


“Can the course help me to get a new job or promotion?”

Yes, in a lot of cases this type of professional development helps to impress employers by your extra knowledge, and commitment to learning. We have helped countless job seekers get their foot in the door of a real career they are proud of.


“Are the courses accredited courses?”

Not with government licensing requirements, technical college or University credits. However they are recognized by most employers as proof of skills when applying for a job or a promotion. These are private certificates issued from a private business & science college similar to the ITP or H&R Block income tax training certificates, or a typing skills certificate from a private typing school.


“How long do I have to complete the course?”

One (1) year for Micro Courses and Certificates, two (2) years for Diplomas.


“What type of courses does AOC offer?”

Business, Industry, Science, Medical, Arts & more.


“When can I enrol?”

Immediately. You will be sent the student learning materials within 24 hours via email.


“When can I do my study?”

The courses are self paced, so you can study anywhere, anytime it suits you. Some people study before work, others leave it till the weekend or holidays. It’s up to you.


“Are there any entry requirements?”

No, these are private professional development courses with no special requirements.


“When does my enrollment commence?”

Immediately once you have paid your course fees.


“How much time do I need to study each week?”

For certificate & diploma courses, we suggest one (1) hour of study, five nights per week for two or three months.


“Can I stop studying for a long period of time?”

Yes, if you need to. Simply email us.


“Do I need to buy any textbooks or exams?”

No, all learning materials are provided & all courses have assignments not exams.


“What happens if I need help with my studies?”

Email us for clarification on any question you have.


“How do I contact your organization via telephone?”

0401 792 752 seven days a week.


“How long is my enrollment?”

One (1) year for Micro Courses and Certificate Courses, Two (2) years for Diploma Courses..with extensions available if needed.


“How long does a short course with you take to complete?”

A ‘certificate’ can be completed in 1-2 months, and a ‘micro’ course in 1-2 days.


“Will I receive a Certificate or Diploma on completion of the course for my CV?”

Yes we email signed PDF AOC certificates and diplomas to your chosen email address.


“Can I get a job with a non-accredited course?”

Yes, most employers recognize & approve of our training.


“What happens if I do not pass an assignment or an exam?”

If for some reason you do not pass the first time, you are allowed to do it again.

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